Butterfly Plants at My House

Common nameGenusspeciesLH = Larval host, N = Nectar plantDate installed 
Scarlet MilkweedAsclepiascurassavicaLH: Monarch (Danaus plexippus), Queen (Danaus gilippus), Soldier (Danaus eresimus)2010
Spanish Needles**BidensalbaLH: Dainty Sulphur (Nathalis iole)2010 and forever
Green Shrimp Plant**BlechumpyrimidatumLH: Malachite (Siproeta stelenes)2010
Bahama strongbarkBourreriasucculentaNMarch 2012hummingbirdmoth_20151013_1
Gumbo LimboBurserasimarubaLH: Dingy Purplewing (Eunica monima)2010
Limber caperCapparisflexuosaLH: Great Southern White (Ascia monuste)*, Florida White (Appias drusilla)2010
Coconut PalmCocosnuciferaLH: Monk Skipper (Asbolis capucinus)*n/a
Bloodberry, Butterfly SageCordiaglobosaN2010
BermudagrassCynodondactylonLH: Southern Skipperling (Copaeodes minimus), Fiery Skipper (Hylephila phyleus)n/aGrass_flowers_labeled_20130522
Creeping ticktrefoil**DesmodiumincanumLH: Gray Hairstreak (Strymon melinus), Long-tailed Skipper (Urbanus proteus), Dorantes Longtail (Urbanus dorantes), Hoary Edge (Achalarus lyciades)n/a
Beach-creeperErnodealittoralisNMarch 2015
Strangler FigFicusaureaLH: Ruddy Daggerwing (Marpesia petreus)n/a
Indian BlanketflowerGaillardiapulchellaN2011
CrabwoodGymnantheslucidaLH: Florida Purplewing (Eunica tatila)2010
Dune SunflowerHelianthusdebilisN2012
ScorpiontailHeliotropiumangiospermumNApril 2011
PeregrinaJatrophaintegerrimaNMarch 2015
Wild SageLantanainvolucrataNMarch 28, 2015
Virginia Pepperweed**LepidiumvirginicumLH: Checkered White (Pontia protodice), Great Southern White (Ascia monuste), Cabbage White (Pieris rapae)n/a
PowderpuffMimosastrigillosaLH: Little Yellow (Eurema lisa)*2012, 2015
Wax MyrtleMyricaceriferaLH: Red-banded Hairstreak (Calycopis cecrops)2011
Corkystem passionvinePassiflorasuberosaLH: Gulf Fritillary (Agraulis vanillae)*, Zebra Heliconian (Heliconius charithonius)*, Julia Heliconian (Drya iulias)]April 2011
PassionvinePassifloraincarnataLH: Gulf Fritillary (Agraulis vanillae)*, Zebra Heliconian (Heliconius charithonius)*2011
Florida BitterbushPicramniapentandraLH: Dina Yellow (Eurema dina)2013
Wild CoffeePsychotrianervosaN2011
Mexican Clover**RichardiagrandifloraNn/a
Wild PetuniaRuelliacaroliniensisN, LH: Common BuckeyeApril 4, 2015
Sabal PalmettoSabalpalmettoLH: Monk Skipper (Asbolis capucinus)*n/a
Tropical SageSalviacoccineaN2010
Bahama SennaSennamexicanaN, LH: SulphursApril 4, 2015
Cloudless Sulphur (Phoebis sennae) caterpillar on host plant, Senna mexicana.

Cloudless Sulphur (Phoebis sennae) caterpillar on host plant, Senna mexicana.

Common Fanpetals, Wireweed**SidaacutaLH: Gray Hairstreak (Strymon melinus), Mallow Scrub-Hairstreak (Strymon istapa)*, Common Checkered-Skipper (Pyrgus communis), White Checkered-Skipper (Pyrgus albescens), Tropical Checkered-Skipper (Pyrgus oileus)n/a
Blue PorterweedStachytarphetajamaicensisNMarch 28, 2015
St AugustinegrassStenotaphrumsecondatumLH: Carolina Satyr (Hermeuptychia sosybius), Clouded Skipper (Lerema accius), Fiery Skipper (Hylephila phyleus), Whirlabout (Polites vibex)n/a
Frostweed, White CrownbeardVerbesinavirginicaN
CoontieZamiapumilaLH: Atala Hairstreak (Eumaeus atala)2014
Wild LimeZanthoxylumfagaraLH: Giant Swallowtail (Papilio cresphontes)*2010
** = weedy; don't go out of your way to put these in.

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    I just stumbled upon your blog while researching purslane, and trying in particular to find out what butterflies it attracts. (I still have not found any records of specific species, just that purslane does attract them). I am starting a plant inventory of my yard (Melbourne, FL) and cross-referencing the butterfly species that the plants attract. Then I saw you have made such a list for your yard; it will be a helpful model.

    My yard is probably 33% “weeds,” but I value the blossoming weeds because they serve the tiniest butterflies.

    Thanks for sharing your insights.

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