Caught in the tub!


Benweb 3.1 has obtained exclusive footage of the newest member of the Munson Kolstad family enjoying a private moment. As you can see from the photos, while our guest blogger values his privacy, he eventually can be persuaded to give his fans what they want:

You want him, we got him! And we’ve got him right where you want him:

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He certainly does enjoy his bath; perhaps this Pisces will indeed be a water baby, like his dear old dad, who never met a point break he didn’t like, a swimming pool too wide, or a lake too choppy to row on. But what do you suppose motivated Eric to hop in the tub in the first place?

Well, according to our sources, little e is become something of a chowhound. While everyone has admired his svelte physique (supermodels were apparently heard to mutter enviously, “I’ll have what he’s having”), his parents attribute it not to working out and eating right, but to GER. To combat the beanpole physique, they have tried long and hard to interest the lad in things culinary. Bananas were a mild hit, a new brand of cereal provoked mild interest, but nothing really got him excited.

Nothing, that is, until the discovery of a delectable puree of Daucus carota, subsp. sativus, otherwise known as carrots. See for yourself:

Now that’s what I call enthusiasm! While these results are only preliminary, and this newfound taste may go the way of previous fads, his parents have their fingers crossed…

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