Some more damsels of August [Updated]

Last week I noticed a couple more damselflies; these guys were in the front yard instead of the back yard.

The first two pictures are from Saturday August 20th:

This next shot is from Monday the 22nd. I’m not sure, but I think this might be the same individual, just a bit older and a lot bluer (you can really see the difference in the thorax (the chest section). I really have no idea who these guys were, and I haven’t gotten any IDs on this guy/these guys from my normally reliable

But whatever their specific ID, August certainly seems like it was the month of the odonates: dozens of dragonflies (anisopterans) of several species, and more damselflies (zygopterans) than I’ve ever noticed on my property before (I can’t recall more than one or two at the old house, less than a mile away).

[UPDATE: The friendly folks at have come through again with an identification: Nehalennia pallidula, Everglades Sprite.]