Florida's marine terraces

In an article last year about Montana de Oro state park in California, I discussed how the land there includes a series of uplifted marine terraces. Those terraces are formed by a combination of geologic uplift at periodic intervals and the eroding action of the shoreline.

Well, here in Florida we’re pretty conversant with the eroding action of the shoreline. But for most of the east coast, at least, the forces of erosion and deposition are pretty much balanced. What the waves take away in the winter, they deposit in the summer, or vice versa. And in parts of the […]

Fish oil

First, thanks to all of you on Facebook for wishing me a happy birthday; I did indeed enjoy a wonderful day. Seeing all your good wishes brought a smile to my face; I understand that’s somewhat out of character for the traditional man turning 40. So be it. I’m smiling, so thanks, y’all! Now, yesterday’s post was about WD40, which is NOT made of fish oil. So today’s post needs to be about, well, fish oil.

What is it good for? Everyone knows, nowadays, that fish oil is high in Omega-3 fatty acids, which apparently we need in order to […]

Flying fish

Tony Gaston, in his Seabirds: A Natural History, speculates on escape flights of flying fish and flying squid, and it brings up something I need to investigate further:

The herding tactics of tropical tuna and dolphins may be an important factor in the development of short aerial escape flights of flying fish and flying squids, tactics presumably encouraged by the more rapid acceleration available to fish and squid in warm waters. A consequence of these escape flights is that some food becomes available to seabirds without contacting the water and this type of aerial foraging has been noted for tropical […]

June 8 is UN-designated World Oceans Day

The first United Nations-designated World Oceans Day is Monday, June 8. The theme that the UN came up with to inaugurate this special day is the awesomely inspiring slogan “Our Oceans, Our Responsibility.” Really conjures up the sense of fun and excitement we all feel when we head down to the beach, doesn’t it?

When I think of our oceans (or, to be more precise, our global ocean), I think seabirds:

Or sea oats:

Or perhaps even bikinis (do your own Google Image search if you want pictures!).

But, if you’re the UN, you think collective […]

Ocean’s one

Despite the popularity of the recent films Ocean’s Eleven and sequel, Ocean’s Twelve, I have yet to see either blockbuster. I guess I’m just not a Clooney fan. But I am a fan of Ocean’s One. In fact, I just completed the Coastal Ecosystems module in the Florida Master Naturalist Program, meaning that I am now a certified Master Naturalist, having previously completed the Uplands and Wetlands modules. What’s Ocean’s One? Why, it’s the One World, One Ocean concept. Confused? Don’t be. You’ll find out more after the jump.