Small Owls

I’m preparing a slide show for an upcoming talk on the Birds of India, and one of the most charming ones is Athene brama, the Spotted Owlet: Tiny little birds (hence the diminutive “owlet”), they are nonetheless mobbed mercilessly if they don’t choose their daytime hiding place carefully. At the Okhla Bird Sanctuary where I [...] [...]

Okhla Bird Sanctuary, continued

OK, for my third visit to OBS in three weeks (Feb 15, Feb 21, and now March 1), I have a few better photos to post. I ran home last week, partly to see the family, and partly (as far as this blog is concerned, anyway) to grab my spotting scope and digiscope setup. My [...] [...]

Okhla Bird Sanctuary

The Okhla Bird Sanctuary feels like my refuge away from home. I’ve been going there since my very first trip to India, back in February 2005. I usually join up with the local birding group, delhibirds, which helps me enormously with ID problems. I hadn’t been to the site since February 2007, and on my [...] [...]

Indian Chat

On my recent business trip to India, I went to a place I’ve always wanted to go, but never found time on my previous trips: the ruined fort at Tughluqabad (spellings differ wildly), in the southern part of the city. This fort, built in the fourteenth century, is a reminder of the long history of [...] [...]

Rheas of the world

When I was about 13, a friend of mine came up with a nickname for me that I was determined to nip in the bud: The Rambler. Seems I was given to a bit of the motormouth, and he teased me mercilessly about it. To those of you who know me now, I leave the [...] [...]