Palmetto flowers

This spring, I started an occasional series of posts on the palms of Palm Beach County. Probably the most complete post was the one about our state “tree,” the Sabal Palmetto (Cabbage Palm). But, as any writer knows, the more you strive for comprehensiveness, the more you realize you are doomed to failure. Case in point: the palms are blooming right now, and I didn’t include any pictures at all of the blooms in that post! Here are a couple that I took today, while on my lunch break (I’m working from a home office again, so I’m able to […]

Palms of Boca Raton: Sabal palmetto

I’ve lived in Palm Beach County, Florida, for almost ten years now. But I don’t really know very much about palm trees. I mean, I can tell a sabal palmetto from a saw palmetto, and a royal palm from a Christmas palm, but that’s really about the limit of my knowledge. So I’ve decided to start a project of random photo safaris to take pictures of palm trees. The project may teach me something about photography, and it’s sure to improve my knowledge of palm trees!

For this inaugural post, though, rather than use all new photos, I’m going to […]

Florida Word of the Day: Hastula

Today’s word is a botanical term, hastula, which I […]