Fern Forest

  • Petals, golden. Leaves, shiny.

    By / December 4, 2008

    Today at Fern Forest I was able to confirm the identity of yesterday’s mystery wildflower: Crotalaria pallida. And today’s gallery has a few more pictures of it, along with some more familiar friends: Golden Aster and that perennial party-pooper, Toxicodendron radicans. Poison Ivy. See the gallery below.

  • It rained yesterday

    By / December 3, 2008

    at Fern Forest. And when you visit this place after a recent rain, you have to be ready for anything: resurrection ferns bursting out all over the place, in various stages of rebirth:

  • Making the rounds…

    By / November 21, 2008

    …at Fern Forest. I’ve been frantically trying to wrap up the loose ends here, because it looks like my office will be moving downtown, “with the neon lights so pretty,” but where nature will also be a lot more scarce than it is here way out west. So, before the move (if and when it occurs), I’m doing… Read more

  • Odds and ends

    By / November 20, 2008

    Some days you see a lot; others you don’t. Yesterday at Fern Forest I couldn’t go 100 yards without coming across another armadillo. Today, I didn’t see a one. But what I did see was a bit of a puzzle. Anyone out there have any idea what this might be? I found it at the… Read more

  • The Land That Time Forgot

    By / November 19, 2008

    Some places just feel old. Grab some tall trees, some worn stones, sprinkle in a few ferns, and add some creatures that look like dinosaurs, and you’ve got yourself a genuine lost world. And when it’s one of the most densely developed counties in Florida, well, that’s a real paradox. But that’s Fern Forest. Today… Read more

  • Ferns, part two

    By / November 10, 2008

    Last week I started taking the name of my lunchtime site more seriously, and started looking more closely at the various ferns of Fern Forest. My homework has revealed more and more parallels between birds and ferns, by the way. Did you know that there is an ancestral plant species with fern-like leaves called Archaeopteris?… Read more

  • More on ferns…later

    By / November 7, 2008

    I went back to Fern Forest yesterday, and very nearly enjoyed my stroll through the Maple Walk. I say very nearly, because the ladies of Fern Forest were out in force yesterday, and their constant attention, while flattering, made the walk much less comfortable than it would normally have been. And to top it all… Read more

  • Fern homework

    By / November 5, 2008

    Today was such a beautiful day that I just knew, even before I went in to work, that I would be going to the park for lunch. Fern Forest is my absolute favorite spot in Broward County to take lunch, because it has so many different trails, and each one has limitless opportunities for a… Read more

  • Day of the fungus

    By / October 23, 2008

    The official demise of the rainy season in south Florida was announced by the National Weather Service earlier this week. Since then, Fern Forest (in Broward County, which, last time I checked, was still in south Florida) has seen more than two inches of rain, with more forecast today and tomorrow. Seems you can’t trust… Read more

  • Fern Forest Wandering

    By / October 16, 2008

    Today was the second day in a row of seasonable temperatures at Fern Forest, and I decided to try some more practice at digiscoping. My ratio of successes to failures is slightly better, but I’m not sure whether that’s just because I’ve figured out how to focus, or whether it’s attributable to random chance. I… Read more

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