Revenge is supposed to be sweet…

So why do I not feel pleasure? I guess because there’s no way revenge can ever feel satisfying, when the object (or would he be the subject? I suppose subject is more appropriate) of that vengeance is a 19-month-old child. Particularly when it’s your own child. Revenge taken against some anonymous airline or bus passenger toddler, while still cruel, and for the most part inexcusable, is at least less fraught with schadenfreude, than revenge carried out on one’s own genetic material.*

Some background: Daddy went on a business trip last weekend; the trip was fine, yadda yadda yadda, but it […]

I want to ride my…

Bicycle, of course!

It’s that wonderful time of year: school has started, autumn is (in most places) starting to cool things off, it’s past the equinox, but we haven’t yet fallen back from daylight saving time to standard time. In other words, the weather and the length of the day are just about perfect for coming home from work, rustling up a quick bite to eat, and then hitting the road on one’s very own velocipede.

Earlier this summer, we went out and got a bike seat for Eric. But since it installs behind the main seat, it’s hard to […]

Half birthday

While most of the country is busy memorializing the events of eight long years ago, our family will be quietly celebrating a different milestone. 18 months ago today, our son was born. Happy half birthday, Eric!

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Dog days=bug days

This evening, in a not-unsuccessful attempt to improve the mood of our little ‘un, I headed to the front lawn to “enjoy” the scorching heat of 6:30 p.m. in the southy-south. Eric had a grand old time running around on the grass, picking cocoplums off the branches, and generally getting sweaty and pink. After a while I got tired of chasing him around trying to get him in the shade of the parasol, so I gave up and grabbed my camera.

I was finally able to capture a pair of little flying creatures that have been bugging me for a […]

Is there a woodpecker in the house?

Went to the beach last weekend, and got a few cute pictures:

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When I get some more time, I’ll post more beach stuff…

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Garage days

This morning’s stroll was a complicated affair. A flat tire on the main buggy meant the first part of the ride had to be in the backup wheels, while Dad went into the shop to fix the flat. You learn a lot of things in the shop: how things work, what a “jack” is, what a “pump” is. One other thing you learn, or at least you try to: patience! Take a look and see how Eric does!

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Monday afternoon at Yamato Scrub

We were pretty tired after our early morning walk on Monday. By early morning, I mean e-a-r-l-y m-o-r-n-i-n-g. We saw Venus blazing away low in the east, with Jupiter higher away in the southeast. We saw a couple of bats (I wonder what kind they could be? Have to check out our Marks & Marks to see what the candidates are). We heard at least one and probably two nighthawks, and we were back inside long before dawn.

But, as I said, we got tired early, and couldn’t muster up the energy to get to the Memorial Day observance around […]

A trip to Gumbo Limbo

The most exciting thing about Sunday’s trip to Gumbo Limbo Nature Center (other than giving Eric his first excursion in his new backpack) was the tree snail in the parking spot next to ours:

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Sunday Stroll – thunder, no rain

After yesterday’s debacle, I decided not to bother checking the radar. It was clear out, so we went for our stroll. And a good time was had by all. The white-winged dove presided over Phase 1 of Operation Walk in the Park, just long enough for me to get a picture, even without my zoom telephoto:

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Saturday Stroll-with rain

This morning’s stroll, according to the radar, should have been safe. It had been raining off and on all night, but the radar images clearly showed that the rain bands that had been coming on shore all morning were petering out, and the last ones had already moved through our area.

Heh. So much for technology. If you want to know whether it’s going to rain: look outside! Unfortunately, I neglected to do that, so our morning stroll was quite a bit wetter than I’d expected. We spent most of the walk huddled under a palm tree at the new […]