Fabulous finds

I was browsing my favorite used bookstore in Boca the other day (I say “my favorite,” but actually, I think it’s the only used bookstore in Boca. Nevertheless.) when I ran across four volumes in the Florida’s Fabulous… series. I pounced on them the way a tiger beetle pounces on other beetles, or a robber fly pounces on a bee, even though paying full price for these large format mass market volumes wouldn’t break the bank.

Mark Deyrup, the author of Florida’s Fabulous Insects, is another of those entomological writers who proves how one can relate charming stories […]

More books

Berkeley’s best book store, Moe’s, is probably the best book store in the world. I’ve been to many a book store, in London, Los Angeles, Edinburgh, Chicago, Paris, Boston, New Delhi, Portland, and New York, and I still think Moe’s is the best. The Strand in Manhattan may be bigger, and Powell’s, in Portland and environs may have more branches and a better web presence, but I always seem to come back more heavily laden from Berkeley than I do from anywhere else in the world. From this latest haul (trip report still to come):

Seabirds of the World: The […]

Why Herptiles? Some recent books…

If you’re like me, you might never have really wondered why the word herptile was invented. After all, “Reptiles and Amphibians” is easy enough to say. And besides, “reptiles” aren’t such a simple class, anyway: lots of reptiles have no business being included in the class Reptilia. Until recently, though, no one like me has really had to care about this, because until recently there hasn’t been anything like the slew of high-quality books about the herpetofauna of North America, and particularly of the Southeast, where I live, that has recently hit the market.


Just back from California

Will update the blog tomorrow, we hope. Still processing everything that happened; organizing photos, etc. To come: Pinnipeds, Pinheads, and Books Galore (that’s one entry each, not one entry with a funky title).

Reading two books right now, with several in the queue:

Anathem (Neal Stephenson) Feathered Dinosaurs (Schouten and Long; read Darren Naish’s review)

On deck: The Dinosauria (Weishampel et al.) Your Inner Fish (Neil Shubin) A Plague of Frogs (William Souder)

There are even more in the pile, but I can’t even count them yet… One that’s in the wish list is Holtz and Rey’s Dinosaurs, just out […]