• Boca Beaches

    By / July 21, 2009

    One of the things that I admire about Boca is that, despite its many faults, it does have some semblance of a commitment to environmental practices. For instance, it isn’t supposed to groom the beach above high tide during turtle nesting season. So the beach gets a little ugly, but it keeps those gigantic machines… Read more

  • Garage days

    By / May 31, 2009

    This morning’s stroll was a complicated affair. A flat tire on the main buggy meant the first part of the ride had to be in the backup wheels, while Dad went into the shop to fix the flat. You learn a lot of things in the shop: how things work, what a “jack” is, what… Read more

  • A trip to Gumbo Limbo

    By / May 25, 2009

    The most exciting thing about Sunday’s trip to Gumbo Limbo Nature Center (other than giving Eric his first excursion in his new backpack) was the tree snail in the parking spot next to ours: Related Images:

  • Sunday Stroll – thunder, no rain

    By / May 24, 2009

    After yesterday’s debacle, I decided not to bother checking the radar. It was clear out, so we went for our stroll. And a good time was had by all. The white-winged dove presided over Phase 1 of Operation Walk in the Park, just long enough for me to get a picture, even without my zoom… Read more

  • Limbless lizards

    By / April 28, 2009

    It was a dry winter here in subtropical Florida, with quite a bit less rain than normal since November. The temperatures haven’t been too unbearable, but the weekend before Easter brought a taste of summer: mid-80s, humid, and plenty of sun. That weekend also happened to be one of the few that I had time… Read more

  • When at the scrub, no need to bring your walking stick…

    By / November 23, 2008

    They have them there for you already!

  • Backyard nature

    By / September 14, 2008

    Remember the Thorn Birds, by Colleen McCullough? Australian novel that got turned into a miniseries here in the States? I don’t. I wasn’t allowed to stay up late enough to watch it when it came out, and now I don’t really care too much to track it down and find out whether I’ve missed something… Read more

  • Rainfall in August

    By / August 10, 2008

    Summer is the rainy season in Florida. This summer we have high hopes of a wet season, after a couple of years of drought. The winter was unusually wet, at least in the coastal regions, leaving our local wellfields quite full, although Lake Okeechobee, the region’s backup water supply, has been quite low for some… Read more

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