New dinosaur discovered in urban south Florida

Scientists are still processing the discovery of a new, apparently still extant, species of dinosaur reported recently in Boca Raton, a semi-urban area on the Atlantic coast of south Florida. While no formal taxonomic description has been provided, sources say that it is likely the species will be called Blueeyesus cuteusmaximus. The common name, already apparently widely known in some circles, is Eric Anders Munson Kolstad. (This might be the first time in history that a common name has almost as many syllables as the taxonomic name!) Benweb 3.1 has exclusive photodocumentary coverage below. While the photos are grainy (we're searching for more high-res images), enough detail can be made out to see that the creature, while apparently captive, is not suffering in any way. In fact, B. cuteusmaximus appears healthy and happy, although occasional roars have been heard in the neighborhood. The residents of the facility report that these roars are related to the eruption of new fangs.

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    The creature does seem rather happy, except for the unscrutible two superior eyes which appear to look directly ahead but may hide rebellious intentions. The keepers seem to have a size advantage for the moment. Thanks for notifying us of this amazing and wonderful phenomenon. Will it be found on the trick or treat trail later this month?

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    While the nocturnal habits of this species are variable, it appears to tire markedly after 1900 hours. Any activities pursuant to sweet food gathering will necessarily be curtailed after that time. But neighbors are on the alert…

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