Busy month

Over the course of about ten days this month, we:

  • moved to a new house
  • began potty training our only son
  • brought a new son into the world (thus rendering the wording of the previous item obsolete)

I guess when you boil it down like that, it doesn’t sound like very much. But when you’ve lived through the clutter and jumble of a move, the clutter and jumble of accidents, and the midnight to three a.m. feedings, it seems like a pretty darn full month, indeed.

Updating addresses with banks, credit card companies, the DMV, phone, cable, etc. providers. Trying to make sure our phone number will transfer over (in about two weeks; still using a temporary one for now), etc.

After the dust clears (one of these years, it’s bound to) I might return to regular updates.

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