Bird on a wire (er, palm frond)

In the spirit of just getting out there, here is one of the cool birds (well, the only cool bird) Eric and I saw on our morning stroll down to pick up the last-minute pre-Thanksgiving groceries:

As you can tell by the blurriness of the image, I don’t bring my tripod along with me when I’m grocery shopping; I was lucky I had stuck my telephoto in the stroller. Chance favors the prepared hand, but there’s only so much prep I’m willing to do.

I’m pretty sure this is a resident, or at least an overwintering, bird. I’ve seen it from time to time on the giant cellphone tower down the street, and I saw it on our morning stroll yesterday as well. Maybe over this long holiday weekend I’ll take the time to set up my tripod and see if I can get some good shots of it…