Summer Moon

It’s been said so often, and not just by those who dabble in astronomy, but perhaps especially often among those who do: patience is a virtue. After waiting up two hours past my normal bedtime for the summer moon to come out from behind the clouds, she finally did:

Last night’s insurance photo, all warm and fuzzy as it is, really isn’t in the same league. Part of the issue, I’m convinced, is that if I’ve already been asleep, I have a much harder time coaxing focus into my eyes. And on a difficult subject like the full moon through a point and shoot camera’s digital viewfinder, having “awake” vision is critical. So, here’s the Summer Moon 2010, taking its rightful place among the moons of 2010:

Success has its compensations: Tonight’s warm and humid night doesn’t seem nearly so awful as last night’s. The night-blooming jasmine smells particularly sweet, but not too cloying; the crickets are chirping pleasantly, not too aggressively. Everything seems brighter and clearer now that the moon has come out from behind the clouds.

Hope you’ve had a pleasant evening as well.

For those who are interested, the moon was officially full at 9:35 p.m., but this is as close to full as one can reasonably hope to catch her; she’s usually rather inconveniently located at the precise moment. Tonight, she was low on the horizon and behind a rather rude thundercloud.