Fay’s creatures

Well, Tropical Storm Fay has left south Florida, although apparently it’s STILL not done with the state, stalled out somewhere near Jacksonville. Our home rain gauge showed 4.5 inches on Monday, and a little over 3 inches on Tuesday, but only .16 yesterday, and none at all (as far as I know) today.

But what we did get out the bargain was an up close look at some beasties. As I was shuttering the front window on Monday, a dragonfly simply refused to leave its perch. I guess that means there was a shutterbug on both sides of the lens!

Several hours later, she woke up and decided to leave, buzzing around between the window and the shutters for a few seconds before finding some way out. Whew!

And then this morning, when I went into the office, I found the cutest little baby slider turtle waiting for me at the front door. Not sure exactly where it came from, but I helped it find a bit more suitable habitat:

So that’s the news from south Florida so far. Up close and personal with the critters, thanks to one heck of a rainmaker.