Rainfall in August

Summer is the rainy season in Florida. This summer we have high hopes of a wet season, after a couple of years of drought. The winter was unusually wet, at least in the coastal regions, leaving our local wellfields quite full, although Lake Okeechobee, the region’s backup water supply, has been quite low for some time (scroll down for a graph showing just how long it’s been below the benchmark 10 feet).

But here in Boca, at least this weekend, I’ve finally been able to turn off my sprinklers after a long June and July with only sporadic rain. Friday we got over an inch of rain as measured by the rain gauge on my deck; yesterday we had over half an inch, and today we got another inch. My backyard is loving it! One of the Cordia globosa plants on the side of the house had actually “died” in the last couple of weeks, despite twice-weekly sprinkling, and the recent rains have created some green leaves where there were only bare sticks before. Maybe by the time I get back from my business trip this week, it’ll have revived completely!

Heavy rain in August is usually the result of tropical systems; I’m not sure where all this moisture is coming from, but we’re certainly glad of it.