I want to ride my…

Bicycle, of course!

It’s that wonderful time of year: school has started, autumn is (in most places) starting to cool things off, it’s past the equinox, but we haven’t yet fallen back from daylight saving time to standard time. In other words, the weather and the length of the day are just about perfect for coming home from work, rustling up a quick bite to eat, and then hitting the road on one’s very own velocipede.

Earlier this summer, we went out and got a bike seat for Eric. But since it installs behind the main seat, it’s hard to tell whether or not the boy is enjoying himself when he’s in it. He’s pretty quiet when we’re on the road, so there’s no way of knowing whether he’s happy, sad, or just plain bored. We know he’s not actively upset, because he’s not crying. But maybe he’s just humoring dear old dad; it’s pretty hard to tell.

Well, actually, it’s getting easier to tell. Tonight he was engrossed in a new favorite game of his: roll the toy car down the inclined air mattress. Over and over, the little die cast toy rolled down the hill. All giggles and smiles, I assure you. But when Daddy came in dressed in his bike helmet, that new game was over. And I mean over! He ran to the garage door, and just about had a fit when I carried him to the front door, until he saw the bicycle waiting there for him already.

Up like a bunny into the bike seat, put on the safety strap, on with the helmet with only a minimum of fuss, and off we go. It’s pretty hard to argue with rave reviews like that!

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