New moon tonight

If you go down to the observing pad tonight aiming for faint fuzzies, you’re in for a good ‘un. At least, as long as it’s not a cloudy night. Because tonight, we are at the new moon (image from the USNO website here):

Since the moon’s sunlit half will be facing away from us tonight, there will be no moonlight to wash out the nebulae, galaxies, etc. (collectively known as faint fuzzies) on which amateur astronomers lavish so much of their time and attention. Or, if you’re so inclined, you might like to check out Uranus (no potty jokes, please!), which is now only one day past opposition. It moves slowly in its own orbit, but once we pass it on our inside track, it recedes fairly quickly.

Whatever you choose to do, enjoy! The weather’s cooling off here; I felt it last night! Evenings are becoming tolerable out of doors. Hurrah!