Dog days=bug days

This evening, in a not-unsuccessful attempt to improve the mood of our little ‘un, I headed to the front lawn to “enjoy” the scorching heat of 6:30 p.m. in the southy-south. Eric had a grand old time running around on the grass, picking cocoplums off the branches, and generally getting sweaty and pink. After a while I got tired of chasing him around trying to get him in the shade of the parasol, so I gave up and grabbed my camera.

I was finally able to capture a pair of little flying creatures that have been bugging me for a while now: I see them frequently, but they’re so tiny I can never get a good look at them. Enter my D70 with 70-300mm zoom telephoto (which really wants to become a 70-300VR lens, but…), and voilà! Here they are, in all their (slightly fuzzy for the moth) glory:

I’ve posted mug shots of them on,where I hope someone will be able to tell me who they are. Stay tuned!

[UPDATE: The friendly folks at have indeed come through. The red-and-yellow moth is indeed a Pyralid moth, Pyrausta tyralis, the coffee-loving Pyrausta moth. I have tons of wild coffee in the yard, so that might be why I have this little guy. Still waiting to find out what the “bee fly” in the picture might be, though…]

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