Garage days

This morning’s stroll was a complicated affair. A flat tire on the main buggy meant the first part of the ride had to be in the backup wheels, while Dad went into the shop to fix the flat. You learn a lot of things in the shop: how things work, what a “jack” is, what a “pump” is. One other thing you learn, or at least you try to: patience! Take a look and see how Eric does!

After sorting out the problems with the flat tire, we were able to hit the road, to investigate the screw pine we saw at the temple the other day. It still looks a bit like a Dr. Seuss tree, but it was exciting to see how the screw pineapples had changed. Two weeks ago, the pineapples were completely intact:

But today, the scenery was completely different. In the image below, you can see the stilt roots that I alluded to in the earlier post:

If you look closely, you can see a bunch of colored debris on top of the mulch. Those are the “cones” from the screw pineapple cone, which you can see below in various states of connectedness:

On the way home, we stopped to investigate some funky fungi at the base of an oak tree:

Not really sure what these are, other than hard fungi. Have to look them up sometime…

And our final stop before hitting the a/c (wow, it’s hot in this Florida sun) was the cactus bed two doors down: check out the funky flower:

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