Eric Has A Big Day

Eric has been a bit cranky lately. Three new molars coming through at the same time will do that to a fella. And when Eric’s not happy, nobody’s happy. I don’t really remember the last time I was able to sleep through the night. 11:30 p.m. bottles, 1 a.m. bottles, 2 a.m. bottles, 3 a.m. bottles, 4 a.m. bottles, 5 a.m. bottles. You think I’m making this up. I’m not. Thankfully, they aren’t all in the same night. It’s usually only two per night, 3 to 4 hours apart. So while I may not be rested, at least I’m alive.

His appetite has been off lately as well. Could be his mouth is tender; could be his GER acting up (grrr!). So it didn’t come as too much of a surprise when M phoned this morning to report that he didn’t eat very much at breakfast today.

The phone call that came a little while later, though, was a bit more of a surprise. M told me that Eric had some Big News for me when I got home… For a few minutes this was a bit of a puzzler. I went through the possibilities. This big news had to be something MMITF (Much More Interesting Than Food), given his recent lack of appetite. Now, to a 13-month-old, even one with GER, there aren’t too many things that are MMITF. One can list them off the top of one’s head, practically.

One of them is going for a ride in his new buggy:

Eric's New Buggy

Eric's New Buggy

He loves that buggy. Just Monday, the day of his first ride in it, mommy and he were out in the neighborhood nearly an hour after dinner should have started, because every time she tried to bring him home he would pitch a fit and cling to the buggy with a grip of steel.

Another thing that a toddler might find MMITF could be using his walker to practice for the Big Day to come; the link below is to a QuickTime movie from 10 days back showing how much he loves to do that (requires QuickTime):

Eric Uses His Walker

Riding and walking, those really are the big ones, I guess. And then, of course, it hit me: Walking!

Eric can walk!

The delighted shrieks that came to me in the background of the phone call bore witness to how much he had been looking forward to this day. And, thanks to the magic of QuickTime, here are the official undoctored video clips to prove it (if only I could figure out the magic of WordPress, I could embed the clips, but I haven’t gotten that far…):

Eric Walks, Part One

Eric Walks, Part Two

Now that is definitely MMITF! And makes for a Very Big Day, Indeed. Such a big day that dinner, bathtime, and bedtime were all on the early side tonight. (Thank goodness! Maybe Daddy can catch up on some sleep!)

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