The moon in June: Full on the third

June 3, 2012 Full moon

Hello, there! Now that we’re already a couple of days past the new moon, it’s high time once again for the monthly snapshot of the full moon. (I say snapshot because that’s really what it is. If and when I ever get an imaging system that works with my telescope gear, I’ll “upgrade” the name [...] [...]

June 2012 solstice

Today the sun is above the horizon longer than on any other day of the year. It’s also the day the sun “stands still” in declination: that is, it stops moving north from one sunrise/sunset to the next, and starts moving south. And, as we Northern Hemisphere types recall, when the sun’s in the south [...] [...]

Bee good to pollinators: Celebrate National Pollinator Week

Agapostemon splendens. Boca Raton, FL, June 18, 2012.

I’m on the email list for the US Fish and Wildlife Service, and every now and then they send around something that I think is worth sharing with everyone. Here’s an instance today: National Pollinator Week Encourages Everyone to “Bee” Good to Pollinators. Learn what you can do to help the birds and the bees (the [...] [...]

The 2012 transit of Venus: astronomical journey


Last Tuesday the second planet from the sun passed in front of the sun’s disk for the second and last time this young century. Back in 2004, I saw the first event briefly while parked outside a gas station trying to get out from under the clouds that had blocked us at our chosen observing [...] [...]

Everglades Sprites all over the place


After my post a couple of weeks ago where I lost track of a pair of damselflies in tandem before I found out whether they actually attained the wheel position I’ve been hoping for another chance. Today, the first sunny day after what seems like a week of rain, I got my wish. In spades! This [...] [...]