Day care

Today is Eric's first day in day care. Seems like that should be a huge day for us, but for me, it isn't all that special. I've been looking forward to this day for several months (five months, to be exact), but it's not earth-shaking. I think that's partly because I've been working all day every day for the past, oh, four and a half months, so the change doesn't affect my life nearly as much as it does Marcella's. Read more

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The Oaks of Delray

This weekend, instead of shepherding a bunch of birders around the flooded fields of Belle Glade as I normally do, I volunteered to do trail maintenance, weeding, and trash pickup at another local natural area managed by the Department of Environmental Resources Management: Delray Oaks. The site is one of my favorites: it's in south county, so it's close to home, and it's really quite beautiful. Read more

Rainfall in August

Summer is the rainy season in Florida. This summer we have high hopes of a wet season, after a couple of years of drought. The winter was unusually wet, at least in the coastal regions, leaving our local wellfields quite full, although Lake Okeechobee, the region's backup water supply, has been quite low for some time (scroll down for a graph showing just how long it's been below the benchmark 10 feet). Read more

Why blog about nature?

What is it about the natural world here in Florida that made me start thinking of myself as a naturalist? I certainly had no training as one in California, which arguably has more nature. In the 20+ years that I lived there, I got to know the Pacific Ocean by swimming, bodysurfing, and surfing in it. I got to know the mountains and the deserts from my interest in rock climbing. But I knew the nature of California in the same way I knew her freeways: Read more

Mars has water

NASA's Phoenix lander has at long last provided direct evidence of water on Mars. And it's been a long time coming. Back in the nineteenth century, an italian observer, Giovanni Schiaparelli, wrote that he saw "channels" or "grooves" (canali) on the red planet. Percival Lowell, betrayed by what we call un faux ami in French, preferred to read canali as canals; ie, structures built by sentient life Read more

The buzz about the ladies of Fern Forest

As I've complained elsewhere in this blog, the summer sun in Florida is hot. Brutally hot. When it's on, like it is today, it feels like you've somehow wandered into a humid blast furnace. Clothes, if you're wearing them, pull the sweat out of you (the technical term for this is transpiration) and then stick to you like glue. The sweat that doesn't get mopped up by your clothes drips down your arms, your legs, your face. It's just plain hot. Trouble is, it doesn't pay to stroll around in the south Florida sun naked, either. Read more
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