The buzz about the ladies of Fern Forest

As I've complained elsewhere in this blog, the summer sun in Florida is hot. Brutally hot. When it's on, like it is today, it feels like you've somehow wandered into a humid blast furnace. Clothes, if you're wearing them, pull the sweat out of you (the technical term for this is transpiration) and then stick to you like glue. The sweat that doesn't get mopped up by your clothes drips down your arms, your legs, your face. It's just plain hot. Trouble is, it doesn't pay to stroll around in the south Florida sun naked, either. Read more

Scrubbing, part two

As the morning wore on, the work crew wore out. The sun rose higher, the temperature followed suit, and the little pick-me-up afforded by the popsicles and other treats wore off. Good thing for this tired man that his family was standing ready to pick him up. As he returned to the truck, he phoned home to set the wheels in motion. Read more


The summer sun in Florida is brutally hot. It's almost directly overhead, and the protection supposedly afforded by Earth's atmosphere seems marginal at best. Those who live only a short distance from the beach can look forward to the cooling effect of the sea breeze, but for those of us who are farther inland, Read more

Snakes can swim!

One of my favorite spots to go for a walk during the week is Fern Forest Nature Center in Broward County. And on April 1 of this year, I happened to see something that I’d never seen before on the spatterdock leaves in the remnant agricultural canal that parallels the Wetland Wander trail at the park. It was a little tiny snake, not more than a foot long, if that (although I never did see it stretched out full length), resting on the broad leaves of this emergent plant. Curious, I started to take pictures. Read more
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