Shooting at the watering hole

Every nature photographer knows how important water is if you want to get good pictures of wild critters. Turn on any nature program, and you can bet they've got a crew hanging out by the local watering hole. I've tried to put this into practice myself, but for most of my time here in south Florida, I haven't even had so much as a birdbath in my backyard. But, as I try to demonstrate throughout the webpages of this weblog, you have to look for what's there, not lament what's not. And that's what I did in our kitchen on April Fool's night. And check out the critter our bathcam caught. In this photo, you can see that the creature is caught unawares, startled by the noise of the lens, perhaps, or worried by the artificial lightning flash: In this next shot, you can see that he is more relaxed and comfortable, already used to the photographer's presence, even (perhaps) posing for the shot: Stay tuned—who knows where or when this critter will show up next?

Busy month

Over the course of about ten days this month, we:
  • moved to a new house
  • began potty training our only son
  • brought a new son into the world (thus rendering the wording of the previous item obsolete)
I guess when you boil it down like that, it doesn't sound like very much. But when you've lived through the clutter and jumble of a move, the clutter and jumble of accidents, and the midnight to three a.m. feedings, it seems like a pretty darn full month, indeed. Updating addresses with banks, credit card companies, the DMV, phone, cable, etc. providers. Trying to make sure our phone number will transfer over (in about two weeks; still using a temporary one for now), etc. After the dust clears (one of these years, it's bound to) I might return to regular updates.

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Full Moon for March

March 18, 2011 Full moon
Tonight's moon is about 17 hours shy of full, but the moon won't move very far in that time. It'll still be one of the closer perigees in recent memory; the last time the moon came this close to Earth I hadn't started astronomizing yet. Of course, right now Marcella and I are over the moon for other reasons, of which more to come later. Sorry for the blurry Blackberry photo; if you want better pictures, you'll have to be patient.