Preemptive strike

Last year I ran across a pair of walking sticks (Anisomorpha buprestoides) during an afternoon stroll at Yamato Scrub. They were in such a visually striking pose that I had to stop and take a picture, and then read what I could find about them on the web. And it made for some interesting reading. [...] [...]

Opus, opuntia, opunt

Opuntia cacti are a successful and widespread family in the group Cactaceae, but they are not all that well understood. My first introduction to the group was as a child, when I blundered into one of them on one of those weekend fishing trips in Colorado that we took quite frequently in my salad days. [...] [...]

What’s in a name?

Really, I’m asking. What is in a name? Tarflower is a beautiful plant of Florida’s scrub and pine flatland areas. It’s a large wildflower or good-sized shrub in the Ericaceae, or heath, family. The flower is distinctive, with its 7 pinkish white petals, completely free (i.e., not joined together), arrayed around those central pistils. The common [...] [...]

When at the scrub, no need to bring your walking stick…

They have them there for you already! [...]

Why Yamato Scrub? Why not?

We went to Yamato Scrub a couple of times this weekend; once very early on Saturday morning, and once again around sunset on Sunday. I just love the early morning light. Over the last year, this site really has become one of our favorite places to visit. Our first visit was back in November 2007, [...] [...]

Scrubbing, part two

As the morning wore on, the work crew wore out. The sun rose higher, the temperature followed suit, and the little pick-me-up afforded by the popsicles and other treats wore off. Good thing for this tired man that his family was standing ready to pick him up. As he returned to the truck, he phoned [...] [...]


The summer sun in Florida is brutally hot. It’s almost directly overhead, and the protection supposedly afforded by Earth’s atmosphere seems marginal at best. Those who live only a short distance from the beach can look forward to the cooling effect of the sea breeze, but for those of us who are farther inland, [...]